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Social Skills Acquisition Program

Positive social skill development is a vital part of your child’s personal growth..

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Parental Rights

We have important information to offer you about your rights to empower you.

Locating Services

We pride ourselves on assisting you in finding high quality services.

Special Education Laws

We have key data to share to keep you abreast on laws that impact your child.

What We Do


F.A.C.E.S. is unique in the sense that I am sharing my insights and experience as a parent of a child with autism as well as the viewpoints of a special education professional.


Individual Education Plan (IEP) Review


Family Consulting

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Life Skills Acquisition



Our Story

Welcome to our family! Family.Advocacy.Consulting.Education.Services focuses on your heart and mine – wanting the best for our family! When your child has a special need, it can be very difficult to know where to begin. That’s how I began my journey as a special needs advocate.

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Are you lost trying to find your way in the world of special education for your child? Not sure where to start or where to look?

If you can say yes to either of these questions, look no further… I am here to help you! Fill out the form below.